Conference Programme

Download BAVS 2015 Programme

BAVS 2015 Conference Programme

Victorian Age(s)

(as of 20th August)

Thursday 27th August

7:45 – 9:30 Breakfast

9:00 onwards Registration


9:30 – 12:30  PGR / ECR Workshop: Impact and Public Engagement – in AF20
9.30-9.50 Kate Compton (York Army Museum)
9.50-10.10 Patrick Bourne (Leeds Museums and Galleries)
10.10-10.30 Grace Farrington, Clare Ellis (The Reader Organisation)
10.30-10.45 Questions
10.45-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Workshop

12:00 – 1:15 Refreshments available for arriving delegates

12:30 – 1:15 Light lunch available for PGR/ECR workshop participants only


1:15-2:30  Conference opening / Roundtable on Old Age – in the Auditorium

Chair: Hilary Fraser

Helen Small
Pat Thane
Christiana Payne

2:30 – 4:00 Panel Session A

A.1: Golden Ages and Stages (Temporality I) – in AF20

Chair: Michael Meeuwis

Lucy Barnes The Stages of Nicholas Nickleby: Adapting Dickens’ Novel for the Theatre
Kate Newey Golden Ages: The Victorian Theatre, Nostalgia and Modernity
Andrew Maunder Playing Shakespeare: Child Actors, ‘infant phenomena’ and the Bard, 1800-1852
A.2: Brontës’ Early Writings (Life-Cycle I) – in AF21

Chair: Ann Heilmann

Valerie Sanders ‘Unmarked Auditors’: The strange Presence of Children in the Brontë Juvenilia
Emma Butcher (Re)Writing Military History in the Early Narratives of Charlotte and Branwell Brontë
Erin Nyborg Heroic Masculinity in Charlotte and Emily’s Belgian Essays: An Apprenticeship in Victorian Authorship
A.3: (W)rites of Passage: Funerals, Wills, and Memorial Cards (Life-Cycle II) – in AF35

Chair: Claudia Capancioni

Helen Frisby Revelry and Rivalry in the 19th-century English Funeral
Judith Frisby The Story of John Battye’s Will
Claire Wood Ordering Meaning in the Victorian Memorial Card
A.4: The Age of Professionalization: Briefless Barristers, Lady Doctors, and Army Officers (Periodization I) – in AF37

Chair: Clare Horrocks

Ann M. Hale From Questionable Ethics to Marriage Prospects: Briefless Barristers and the Changing Legal Profession
Alison Moulds An (Un)suitable Job for a Woman: Constructions of the ‘Lady Doctor’ in 19th-Century Medical Writing
Beth Gaskell Periodical Professionalization: The Periodical Press and the Fight for the Professional Development of the British Army
A.5: Appropriating the Romantic and the Revolutionary (Historical Appropriations I) – in AF36

Chair: Helen Kingstone

Peter Cook Charles Dickens and the Romantic Legacy: The Struggle for Time
Georgina Hunter The Revolutionary Age in the Mid-19th Century Periodical Press
Courtney Salvey The Age of Invention: Early Victorian Histories of Invention and Industry
A.7:  Subtle Thieves of Age(s): Poetic Appropriations (Historical Appropriations II) – in AF34

Chair: Jordan Kistler

Orla Polten ‘Neither English nor Greek’? The Tragic Metres of Browning’s Agamemnon
Laura Kilbride Pure Greek? The Problem of Style in Swinburne’s Greek Tragedies
Jerome Wynter Revivifying a Seventeenth-Century Trope for a Nineteenth-Century Purpose in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘The African: A Poem in Two Cantos’

4:00 – 4:45 Refreshment Break

4:45 – 6:15 Panel Session B

B.1: Transported Through Time (Temporality II) – AF35

Chair: Ben Moore

Rose Roberto Visualising Progress in Chambers’s Illustrated Encyclopedia
Paul Raphael Rooney Railway Reading Time and Post-1870 Readers
Daný van Dam Stopping Time to Stop Forgetting: Sea Journeys and Temporal Separation in Neo-Victorian Fiction
B.2: Imaginary Childhoods (Life-Cycle III) – AF20

Chair: Susan Anderson

Clare Walker Gore Disability, Desire and Dickens’s Child-Women
Kirstie Blair ‘National Dialect in the Nursery’: Childishness and the Scottish Working-Class Poet
Jenny Holt A View from the Bath: Recovering Childhood Innocence in 19th-century Japan.
B.3: Saints and Martyrs (Historical Appropriations III) – AF37

Chair: Rebecca Styler

Elizabeth Ludlow The Body’s Grace: Mid-Victorian Narratives of Female Martyrdom and Monasticism
Rachel Webster Josephine Butler’s Catharine of Siena (1878), exemplary femininity, and the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Act
Brian H. Murray ‘The Son of God goes forth to War’: The Imperial Martyr’s Hymnbook
B.4: Time and Eternity (Temporality III) – AF36

Chair: Ruth Robbins

Susie Paskins Time and Eternity in Kipling’s ‘The Bridge Builders’
Sally-Anne Huxtable House Beautiful: Time, Eternity and Evolution in the Work of Walter Pater and Phoebe Anna Traquair.
Howard Carlton Time, space and span of control: how could a Victorian astronomer locate a personal God in an expanding universe?
B.5: Travelling Through Time (Periodization II) – AF10

Chair: Mark Richards

Catherine Redford ‘Great safe spaces down deep’: The Imagined Age of the Subterranean
Jacob Jewusiak The Technology Age: H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine and the Political Economy of Ageing
Simon James H.G. Wells: Textual Revision Travelling in Time
B.6: Age(s) of the Press (Periodization III) – AF21

Chair: Ian Cawood

Jock Macleod Constructing ‘The Age of the Press’: A Historiography of Victorian Newspaper Histories
Clare Horrocks Success Through the Ages: Punch  and the Modernist Challenge 1874-1906
Melissa Score An Age of Campaigns: Serial Publication and Advocacy in the Victorian Press
B.7: Mid-Life Crises (Life-Cycle IV) – AF34

Chair: Claudia Capancioni

Michael Meeuwis Against the Carnivalesque: The Middle-Aged Man in Victorian Drama, 1860-1914
Ryan Sweet Humour, Midlife, and Cosmetic Prosthesis Use in H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines (1885)
Shelagh Ward Borrowed Time: The Progress and Persistence of Female Suicide Survivors in late Victorian Bradford


6:15 – 7:15 British Association of Victorian Studies AGM

7:15 – 8:00 21st Anniversary of LCVS Wine Reception, sponsored by LCVS

8:00 – 9:00 dinner

9:00 onwards bar open

Friday 28th August

7:30 – 9:00 Breakfast

8:30 onwards Registration

9:00 – 10:00  Plenary lecture – in the Auditorium

Chair: Richard Salmon

Professor Nicholas Daly, University College, Dublin:  ‘Modern Swashbucklers and Matinee Idols: The Age of Ruritania’

10:00 – 10:30 Refreshment Break

10:30 – 12:00 Panel Session C

C.1: Hardy and Time (Temporality IV) – in AG100

Chair: Roger Ebbatson

Jonathan Godshaw Memel ‘Human Associations’: The Past in Hardy’s Schoolrooms
Trish Ferguson Death After Darwin: Thomas Hardy and the Desire for Human Immortality.
Catherine Charlwood ‘Travel, memory-possessed’: Mental Time Travel in Hardy’s Verse
C.2: Representing Children (Life-Cycle V) – in AF37

Chair: Peter Cook

Galia Benziman The Self-Made Child: Dickens and the Delusion of Inferior Origins
Mary Clare Martin Texts and Images: ‘the wild colonial boy’ and not growing up in early Victorian England and New Zealand
Jessica Sage Charles Dodgson’s Mid-Victorian Child: Innocence and Instability
C.3: The Ages of Woman (Life-Cycle VI) – in AF36

Chair: Catherine Delafield

Laura Monrós-Gaspar ‘Forgive a poor lone woman’s schemings’: Strong-minded women and Victorian appropriations of the classical past
Claudia Capancioni Janet Ross’s Intergenerational Conversations: Women’s Lives in the Victorian Age
C.4: Folk and Folklore (Historical Appropriations IV) – in AF10

Chair: James Emmott

Elsa Richardson The Prophetic Imagination: Andrew Lang and Scottish Second Sight
Jodie Matthews ‘This is an artificial age’: The Late Victorian Search for Authenticity
Katie Heathman Folklore and the Past in the Social Work of Mary Neal and Grace Kimmins
C.5: NNCN: Victorian Secrets (Periodization IV) – in AF21

Chair: Merrick Burrow

Jim Mussell Time to Tell: Secrecy and Narrative in the 19th Century
Fern Pullan Haunted Origins: Gothic Traces, the Law and the Domestication of Crime in Victorian Sensation Fiction
Guy Woolnough Identity concealed or revealed? The use of photography in the Victorian criminal justice system
C.6: Intergenerational Tension (Periodization V) – in AF35

Chair: Ruth Robbins

Ann Heilmann George Moore’s Literary Coming-of-Age: Influence-Anxiety and Generational Conflict in Memoirs of my Dead Life
William Manners Inter-generational Relationships within Cycling Clubs in the 1890s
Margery Masterson Men out of Time: Fire-eating in the Age of Equipoise
C.7: Celebrity and Canonisation (Periodization VI) – in AF34

Chair: Sarah Parker

Helen Kingstone Living Memory and the Dictionary of National Biography
Michael J. Sullivan Tennyson and the 19th-Century Lyric Anthology: Constructing a Victorian Canon
Sandra Mayer A Romantic Legacy: Benjamin Disraeli and Early-Victorian Celebrity Culture
C.8: Curating the Victorians: Challenges and Opportunities – in AF20

Chairs: Lauren Padgett & Jack Gann

Kitty Ross The Evolution of the Victorian street at Abbey House Museum
Gail Marshall Curating the Victorians
Jane Hamlett ‘They Don’t Care for the Poor Anymore…’: Curating Homes of the Homeless: Seeking Shelter in Victorian London and Public History

12:00 – 1:00 Panel Session D

D.1: Discussion Roundtable – ‘Victorian Studies Journals: Coming of Age’ – AF21

Chair: Helen Rogers

Jim Mussell
Martin Hewitt
Lucinda Matthews-Jones
D.2: Once Upon A Time: Fairytale Times (Temporality V) – AF35

Chair: Jo Taylor

Anna West ‘Baby’ Creatures: Thomas Hardy’s Poems for Children
Rebecca Styler Eros and Cosmos in George Macdonald’s Fairytales
D.3: Screen Time (Temporality VI) – AF37

Chair: Nicholas Daly

Tristan Burke The Cinematographic Temporality of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations
Madeleine Wood Thomas de Quincey, Childhood Trauma and Screen Memory
D.4: Digging Up The Past (Historical Appropriations V) – AF36

Chair: Andrew Maunder

Patricia Pulham The Medieval and Classical Past in George MacDonald’s Phantastes
Jessica Cox Victorian Excavations: Archaeology and History in the Neo-Sensation Novel
D.5: Sherlock on the Clock (Periodization VII) – AF20

Chair: Jane Thomas

Kate Brombley Sherlock Holmes: A Victorian Man?
Saverio Tomaiuolo Zombie Hauntings: The Return of the Present in Victorian Undead


1:00 – 2:00 Lunch Break

2:00 departure for optional fieldtrip in central Leeds: Heaton Project and Leeds Library

2:00 – 3:30 Panel Session E

E.1: Life Writing (Temporality VII) – AF21

Chair: Richard Salmon

Clare Stainthorp The Adolescent Writings of Constance Naden (1875-1879):  A Manuscript Discovery
Catherine Delafield ‘[A] letter may fall into any hand’: Time and Textuality in 19th-century Life Writing
David Sorensen Time and Temporality in Carlyle’s Reminiscences
E.2: Times of George Eliot (Temporality VIII) – AF20

Chair: Haythem Bastaway

Derek Ball George Eliot’s Use of Time and Speed
Gareth Hadyk-DeLodder Lost Worlds, Lost Times: Nostalgic Appropriations in the Paratexts of George Eliot and Charles Kingsley
E.3: Ideologies of Change (Temporality IX) – AF35

Chair: Di Drummond

Michael Davis Evolution, Identity and Agency in The Egoist
Stéphane Guy Graham Wallas’ Socialism and the Issue of Historic Necessity
Jo Waugh Robert FitzRoy’s ‘Remarks with Reference to the Deluge’, Geological Ages and the ‘Young Reader’.
E.4: Ageing (Life Cycle VII) – AF36

Chair: Ryan Sweet

Adrian G. Tait Old Age, Ageing, and the Second Life of Thomas Hardy
Chieko Ichikawa The Aged Body and Sexuality in Arabella Kenealy’s Works
Sarah Parker ‘O Time-worn Woman’: Female Aesthete’s Portraits of Ageing
E.5: Growing up Well (Life-Cycle VIII) – AF10

Chair: Jessica Sage

Rebecca Barnes Growing up Computer in the 19th Century: Computational Models of Child Development in Charles Babbage’s Passages from the Life of a Philosopher
Erin Johnson-Hill Mobilities of Ageing: Victorian Music Education and Youthful Physicality
Alice Crossley Male Adolescence and Conduct Literature in George Meredith’s Fiction
E.6: Victorian Medievalism (Historical Appropriations VI) – AF34

Chair: Helen Frisby

Kristina McClendon Cultivating a National Narrative: Queen Victoria, Undine, and Britain’s Anglo-Saxon Past
Kate Lister Age of Empire: The Medievalism of Louisa Stuart Costello
Odile Boucher-Rivalain ‘Today’: Past and Present in the Definition of the Victorian Age in the Architectural Debates of the Early and Mid-Victorian Period
E.7: The Making of the Modern Woman (Periodization VIII) – AF37

Chair: Margery Masterson

Susie Steinbach Surviving Heartbreak: Young Women and Resilience in Some Late 19th-Century Breach of Promise Cases
Emma Liggins On the Border: Lesbianism and Hysteria in fin-de-siècle fiction
Kali Israel Remembering ‘Being Modern’ in Early 20th-Century Edinburgh

3:30 – 4:00 Refreshment Break

4:00 – 5:00 Panel Session F

F.1: Time and Experience (Temporality X) – AF37

Chair: Lucia Morawska

Philipp Erchinger Experimental Passages: Experience, Time and Eliot’s The Spanish Gypsy
Richard Salmon Illustrations of Time: Thackeray, Cruikshank and The Comic Almanack
F.2: Crossing the Bar (Temporality XI) – AF35

Chair: Emily Bowles

Bethan Carney Time’s Inheritance in Charles Dickens’s Christmas Books and F.D. Maurice’s ‘On Eternal Life and Eternal Death’
Ben Moore Unlimited Liability Across the Generations in Little Dorrit
F.3: Dead on Time (Life-Cycle IX) – AF21

Chair: Alice Crossley

Vicky Holmes Life and Death in the Victorian Bed
Helen Goodman Mourning Masculinities: Death, Dickens and Pathological Melancholia
F.4: Appropriating Ancient Egypt (Historical Appropriations VII) – AF36

Chair: Jonathan Franklin

Eleanor Dobson Deciphering the City: Modern London and Ancient Egypt
David Gange Books of the Dead: Placing Death in Time in the 1890s
F.5: Periodizing the Pre-Raphaelites (Periodization IX) – AF20

Chair: Patricia Pulham

Amelia Yeates Pre-Raphaelitism and Periodization
Jordan Kistler What’s in a Name? The Pre-Raphaelitism of the 1870s
F.6: Imperial Ages (Periodization X) – AF34

Chair: Daný van Dam

Cole Wehrle Empire’s Narrative Clockwork: Imagining the Global in Thackeray’s The Newcomes
Rachel Dickinson ‘In a Time that is full of deadly realities’: Empires Past and Present, 1850-51

5:00 Transport to Leeds for Reception/Musical Event

5:30 – 6:30 Reception: 15th Birthday of BAVS (School of Music, Leeds), sponsored by

Taylor & Francis, publishers of The Journal of Victorian Culture

6:30 – 7:30 Musical Event (School of Music, Leeds)

7:30 Transport back to LTU for all delegates

8:00 Conference Dinner

9:00 onwards Bar open

Saturday 29th August

7:30 – 9:00 Breakfast

8:30 onwards Registration

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary lecture – in the Auditorium

Chair: Rosemary Mitchell

Professor Martin Hewitt, University of Huddersfield: ‘Victorian Generations’



10:00 – 10:30 Refreshment Break

10:30 – 12:00 Panel Session G

G.1: Antiques and Conservation (Historical Appropriations VIII) – in AF20

Chair: Sally-Anne Huxtable

Heidi Egginton The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart and the ‘Pastime’ of Antique Collecting after 1868
Allison Adler Kroll William Morris and Thomas Hardy at the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: The Ethos of Cultural Conservation in the Later 19th Century
Anne Anderson Old Things and Degenerate Bodies: The ‘fearful consequences’ of ‘living up’ to one’s antiques.
G.2: Repetition and Disruption (Temporality XII) – in AF35

Chair: Saverio Tomaiuolo

Sabrina Gilchrist Charting Time Through Narration in The Woman in White
Roger Ebbatson Nietzschean Recurrence in Hardy’s Poetry
Jack Sullivan Temporality, the moment and murder in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Daniel Deronda
G.3: Ahead and Behind Time: Precocity and Backwardness (Life-Cycle X) – in AF37

Chair: Susan Anderson

Rebecca N. Mitchell Industry and Idleness: Precocious Genius in the Victorian Era
Roisín McCloskey Children and Language in Victorian Child Psychology and Children’s Literature
Hannah Field Illustrious Dunces
G.4: Modelling Childhood (Life-Cycle XI) – in AF36

Chair Elizabeth Ludlow

Baptiste Moniez Heroes of the Past in Victorian Times
Andrea Selleri Swinburne and Boyhood
Chloé Holland Ellen Wood’s Gendered Representations of Children
G.5: Rewriting Dickens in a Post-Dickensian Age (Historical Appropriations IX) – in AF21

Chair: Ruth Robbins

Pete Orford Imitating the Inimitable: Writing a Dickensian Ending for Edwin Drood
Emily Bowles From Charles Dickens’s Character to the Characteristically Dickensian
Maureen England Dolly Varden: Character and Cultural Memory in Dickens
G.6: Moving to Modernity (Periodization XI) – in AF10

Chair: Kate Newey

Nathan Uglow Creative Confusion: Victorians as Modernists in the 1970s
Linda Dryden The Inheritors: Joseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, and H.G. Wells’s Conflicting Responses to the Victorian Age
Haythem Bastawy Oscar Wilde: A Victorian Sage in a Modern Age
G.7:  Documenting Place and Time (Periodization XII) – in AF34

Chair: Jo Taylor

Joanna Robinson Fictionalising the Archive
Mhairi Morrison Thomas Hardy’s Approach to History in The Trumpet-Major
Jonathan Franklin The Lover and the Teacher: Normative Development in Love and Mr Lewisham

12:00 – 12:05 short break

12:05 – 1:30 President’s Roundtable on Periodisation – in the Auditorium

Chair: Professor Rohan McWilliam, Anglia Ruskin University

David Amigoni
Michael Hatt
Tom Crook


1:30 onwards Packed Lunch available


By 2:00 check out from conference accommodation


2:00 departure for optional fieldtrip to Brontë Parsonage Museum

(not included in conference fee)


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