Transport Advice and Information

Dear conference delegates,

Some transport details for getting to Leeds Trinity University for the BAVS 2015 Conference!

Train travel
To get from the central Leeds railway station to Leeds Trinity, there are options for either train or bus.

Train travel will be quickest: trains from Leeds to Horsforth stations leave about every half-hour and take 10-15 minutes (though then with a 15-minute walk up the hill to LTU). The schedule can be accessed here:

You can book a ticket through to Horsforth when making your transport arrangements, or buy a separate ticket at the central railway station. A ticket between Leeds and Horsforth should cost you less than £5.

Bus Travel
The relevant bus, no. 97, winds its way through Headingley and takes about 45 minutes plus. Bus travel will, however, bring you closer to the university: the 97 bus stops just outside the campus, saving you the 15-minute walk. To reach the nearest bus stop from the central railway station, walk up Park Row, turn left into Headrow and then left into Albion Street. The bus goes about two to three times an hour in the daytime, and once an hour in the evenings. The schedule is available at

Taxi travel
Delegates can book online or by app with the University’s approved taxi company, Arrow. Their web site is go to BOOK LEEDS or download their app by searching ARROW CARS LEEDS at iTunes or Google Play. This allows you to book any journey from anywhere in Leeds to Leeds Trinity: Horsforth train station, Leeds central railway station, or the airport. If you book both ways at the same time, you will receive a discount. Typical prices are below:
Horsforth Train station to Leeds Trinity University – £3.80 one way, £7.14 return (saves 46p)
Leeds City Train station to Leeds Trinity University – £11.50 one way £21.62 return (saves £1.38)
If you are arriving at the airport, Arrow operates a booking office there: this would be our recommended mode of transfer to LTU. The cost should be less than £5.
Arrow do own some WAVs, but please book in advance.

If you’re driving, it’s worth knowing that there are two entrances to the campus, both on Brownberrie Lane. The ‘south entrance’ (or ‘main entrance’) will bring you to the main car park, and closest to the conference venue; there is, however, more parking available from the ‘north entrance’! Parking will be free.

For general directions to Leeds Trinity, see .


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